My Most Recent Liked Songs on Spotify
My Most Recent Liked Songs on Spotify

My Most Recent Liked Songs on Spotify


Top 20 Spotify Songs:

  1. Letter To My 13 Year Old Self
    • Laufey
  2. Kokomo
    • The Beach Boys
  3. Band On The Run – 2010 Remaster
    • Paul McCartney, Winds
  4. we can’t be friends (wait for your love)
    • Ariana Grande
  5. Right Side of My Neck
    • Faye Webster
  6. Song About Me
    • TV Girl
  7. Slow It Down
    • Benson Boone
  8. Father Stretch My Hands Pt.1
    • Kanye West
  9. Runnin
    • 21 Savage, Metro Boomin
  10. Carnival of the Anomals: The Swan
    • Not sure who recorded this, a symphony group…
  11. Tears Dry On Their Own
    • Amy Winehouse
  12. someday i’ll get it
    • Alek Olsen
    • Kayne West
  14. Daughter of a Cop
    • TV Girl
  15. Taking What’s Not Yours
    • TV Girl
  16. Nun id change
    • Yeat
  17. Rich Flex
    • Drake, 21 Savage
  18. Become the Warm Jets
    • Current Joys
  19. Margaret (feat. Bleachers)
    • Lana Del Rey, Bleachers
  20. Harness Your Hopes – B-side
    • Pavement

An Analysis of My Music:

My musical taste is a mosaic of diverse genres and artists, reflecting a wide spectrum of influences and experiences. From the timeless melodies of The Beach Boys to the soulful rhythms of Amy Winehouse, my playlist embodies a rich tapestry of sounds that resonate with me on a profound level.

One striking aspect of my music taste is its versatility. While I find solace in the classic harmonies of artists like The Beach Boys, I also embrace the contemporary vibes of Kanye West and Drake. This juxtaposition of old and new speaks to the dynamic nature of my musical palate, which has been shaped by a lifetime of eclectic listening experiences.

I attribute this eclectic taste to my upbringing and early exposure to a diverse array of musical genres. Thanks to my father’s eclectic record collection, which spanned everything from 1960s rock to jazz and beyond, I developed a keen appreciation for music from an early age. This early exposure laid the foundation for my broad musical horizons, allowing me to seamlessly transition between genres and eras with ease.

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What’s Next!

While I had initially planned to create a post detailing my monthly listening habits, I encountered a minor obstacle along the way. You see, I have a tendency to drift off to sleep while listening to music, particularly at night. As a result, the songs that dominate my “On Repeat” and “Top Songs” (Stats for Spotify) lists on Spotify are often the ones that soothe me into a peaceful slumber.

However, I refuse to let this obstacle deter me from gaining insights into my musical preferences. Recently, I took a proactive step to address this issue by downloading a new tracking app called “Last.Fm.” My hope is that this app will provide more accurate insights into my listening habits, allowing me to uncover hidden gems and expand my musical horizons beyond just those that accompany my bedtime routine.

With this new tool in hand, I’m optimistic about the future of my musical exploration. By delving deeper into my listening habits, I hope to discover new artists, genres, and sounds that will enrich my musical journey in ways I never imagined.