Sarah Fey
About Sarah Fey

About Sarah Fey

Sarah Fey and Spike
Sarah Fey and Drakes Mascot Spike.

Sarah Fey Media

(This makes it sound like I have a Drug Buisness, I promise I don’t.) Last year Sarah Fey started a instagram page dedicated to sports photography, this was called Sarahfey_Media. Sarah would show up to on high school events and take photos, typically it was clubs or basketball. In college Sarah decided to take her buisness to another level. Sarah headed to all sporting events on campus and grew her following online. Sarah has now grown her buisness and even has her own website! You can check out her website here!

Sarah Fey is an 18-year-old from Papillion Nebraska. She studies Digital Media Production and Advertising, with a minor in Computer Science. What does she want to do with that major? No one knows, not even her. In her free time Sarah Fey works for the Times Delphic, Drakes Newspaper, as a sports photographer. She also designs for Drake’s satire magazine, Drake University independent News.

Sarah has worked a multitude of jobs over the last several years. Some of these Jobs include:

Sarah’s Past Career Choices

  • Crew Member at Papio Fun Park, 8 months
  • Swim Lessons Instructor, 3 years
  • Meat Dairy Frozen Department at Target, 1 year
  • Times Delphic Sports Photographer, 7 months, CURRENT
  • Barista at Olmsted Starbucks, 2 months, CURRENT

Sarah Fey in fact does regret one of these jobs, Which one…??? You’ll Never Know, its papio fun park.

Sarah’s Education

In High School, I was apart of my schools video journalism program , PLV Media, for four years. My senior year I joined our yearbook program. Currently I attend Drake University with a double major in Digital Media Production and Advertising.

Sarah’s Dream Career

Even though Sarah has no clue what she wants to do it the future, she generally knows that she wants to work it the media industry. Hopefully doing some web design or content creation for a company like Warner Brothers. With a background in design, Sarah thinks she would be good at content creation and design.

Sarah would like to end up living abroad or living in Portland (Two very different choices). After being a military kid, she has decided that she would like to get out of the midwest. She plans on studying abroad and hopes that will help her decide on her choices!

Contact Sarah!

  • If you want to contact Sarah there are many different ways:
  • If you contact Sarah give her three to four business days to respond because she is a student